Embedded Development Invitational – Round One Judging Results


Dear Round One Embedded Development Invitational competitor, 

Judging for the Interim reports has ended for Round One of the Embedded Development Invitational. The competition was tough, as teams from around the globe submitted some great reports. We’ve tallied up the results and because of your excellent work, your team has been selected to move forward to Round 2 of the competition.  Congratulations!

An Embedded Development Invitational kit will be sent to your team via postal mail today.  This kit will help you complete your project using the required competition hardware and it will get you one step closer to winning cash prizes and the chance to participate in the world finals in Seoul, Korea.

The Embedded Development Invitation kit includes:

•             The ICOP eBox 2300 (required)

•             A full version of CE 6.0 and Visual Studio 2005 (required)

•             A Phidgets Integrated Interface Device (optional)

•             Crossover cables (optional)

We will be using the addresses you supplied in the first round report for sending these kits. Please expect to receive them in the next week or two as shipping may vary depending on your country location. If you install the ARMV41 processor support during your installation of CE 6.0, you will have an emulation environment to begin testing your project ideas while you are waiting for your kit to arrive. Please make sure to let us know if you do not receive your kit by March 30th by contacting us under “Support” on the Imagine Cup Site. Please also note that your team will be allowed to keep this hardware kit following the competition.

Please check out the Embedded Development page under “My Stuff” > “My Entry” on the Imagine Cup web site over the next few days for guidelines  on the Second Round report, also known as the Final Round Report.  The final round report will be a much lengthier report (maximum 15 pages in length) that provides the judges with more background on your project and information on the progress made by your team. This final round report will be due by midnight May 18th (Pacific Standard Time). Please make sure to review the judging criteria to understand how your report will be judged.

Please also make sure to mark down April 24th and April 25th in your calendar. We will be setting up some global technical chats on these days where you will have the chance to ask the Windows Embedded CE development team any technical questions that you have. We will be sending an e-mail announcing the times of these chats a few weeks before they take place. 

You are also welcome to ask any questions you have on the Imagine Cup Embedded Development Forum over the next few months or can check out Mike Hall’s blog.

Please share the good news with your mentors!

Thank you, congratulations again, and good luck in Round 2 of the competition!

Lindsay Kane and Mike Hall

Embedded Development Captains


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